Water Jetting - High Pressure and Ultra High Pressure

High pressure (HP) and Ultra High Pressure (UHP) water jetting (also known as hydro-blasting) are the most powerful and environmentally friendly cleaning techniques available to the industry.


Wholly Owned and Operated Water Jetting Inventory

With a broad scope of UHP water jet services, Entraco own and operate an extensive fleet of HP/UHP water jetting machines and specialist accessories capable of various flows operating up to pressures of 2,800 bar (40,610 psi) to give a complete and custom service to our customers.

Driven by either a diesel engine or electric motor, our machines when used in conjunction with special tool and accessories water jetting is the most effective solution when applied to a diverse range of applications including surface preparation, tank and vessel cleaning.



We offer both containerized and onshore trailer mounted options.

Our highly trained operators using this special tools equipment and attachments ensures that we have the knowledge, experience and technologies resources to safely and efficiently complete cleaning or descaling operations.


More Information

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